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The Countries of Niivana


The Battle for Yvenstale

In the country of Hailgroth, the people find themselves on the brink of civil war. Disagreements between King Hassran and Queen Illana have put the two on opposite polls and the people rally behind each. Though no blood has been shed quite yet, tensions are high between the those who would support the King, and those who fight for the rebel Queen. Princess Adallia, eldest child and general to the king’s army, fights dutifully under her father’s eye while Prince Arwyn stands by his mother. In a weeks time the surrounding countries hope that both King and Queen will meet for a peaceful conference at Eagle’s Gate to settle out their differences


The Renaissance

Across the sea lays the country of Loratainn, the historical rival to Hailgroth and conqueror of Niivana. They aren’t too shy of their former glory, but over the generations Loratainn switched it’s focus away from warfare and conquest to focus on the growth of culture and art. Gaeth, one of the two gems of Loratainn, is the capital of country and the city of the High Elves who rule Loratainn peacefully, yet semi-exclusively. While the monarchy no longer actively seeks to assert the High Elves as leaders across the continent, they still hold fast to outdated sentiments from their days of imperialism. King Dion and Queen Sycalla rule with their only son Prince Maerith and tend to act as advocates of culture and growth throughout the realm. The fertile land in God’s Cradle near the Messain River and the trading agreement they have with Gigea allows them never too worry about their resources however. Living cushy lives, many of the nobles living in Timefall off the spoils of war gifted from their ancestors have never tasted battle.


The Foreigners

It was only a century or so ago when the kingdoms of Niivana discovered that the near inhabitable peaks of the Elgorath Mountains were in fact harboring a kingdom of dwarves. Not many are sure when the heildom moved into the high peaks, but no one has opposed their new found neighbors. The dwarves tend to keep to themselves, their settlements and cities not stretching far beyond the mountain’s grace and dwarves themselves not venturing far away from Trader’s Point, the city in which the dwarves sell their finely crafted goods. The dwarves have only brought with them prosperity to the land by introducing fine ore and high quality forged goods into the economy. If it was dwarven made, it’s still probably expensive in Niivana. Eldercraig is the jewel of the trade empire, snugly set in the heart of the mountains, the city capital is highly fortified and is virtually impregnable. The only way to get to Eldercraig is to traverse the dwarves’ highly guarded and patrolled underground passages which you need a dwarf to lead you through in the first place. Gigea, while considered a kingdom, has no king. Gigea instead is ruled by a democratic system that traverses all caste systems.



No country is quite so isolated as Thinbes; at least the dwarves have some system to let people in. Thinbes is the country of the wood elves and the drows and even those two don’t clash so well together. Within the thick forest, you will either find cities of wood elves or cities of drows and if you or not either nor have a really good excuse they will not grant you access. And this is truly a shame, because there are few sights in this world as breathtaking as the tree dwelling cities of Thinbes that would leave even Loratainn poets speechless. The wood elves tend to live near the borders of the forest and are more likely to venture to The Common Ground for trade. The drows, however, pained by the sunlight; must live in seclusion in the deepest, darkest parts of the forest and rarely venture out to greet non-elven people. There is no leader of Thinbes, instead, each of the influential tribes in the forest send their elders whenever a decision regarding the entire continent is to be made.


The Barbaric Lands

The Wilder Plains serve no king, no country, and never will. Some of the earliest inhabitants of the plains were exiled from ancient kingdoms of Niivana and ever since the plains have been their own. Law does not exist within the plains, but neither does oppression. The inhabitants of the plains live in small, scattered, and often nomadic communities that fend for themselves. If one is looking for high numbers of dragonborn or orc, they will find them in the plains. But travelers be warned, while there are pockets of reason and civilization in the plains, there are just as many bandits, thieves, and murders traversing those hills. Black trade is often done within the plains because no kingdom can chase them down once they cross the border into the wilder. Recently, a old standing group within the plains is trying to assemble some sort of unity among the plains inhabitants, however very few believe they will be successful.

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