Half-elf ranger from Thinbes


Lavahniel is a half-elf who’s past is a mystery, although the reoccurring nightmares that hint at repressed memories sometimes leave her in cold sweats. When she wakes from them she can never remember their content and thus has no clue what her identity is (save her first name and how to speak elvish lol). From roughly age 8 is when her memory begins; that of being lost in the woods and found by a rough but kind solitary Goliath woman. This Goliath took her in and raised her from that day forward in a cabin hidden within the thickness of the woods. The forest became her playground. After a series of events, she gained a companion in the form of a dire weasel named Parcel . They’ve been together for years and are inseparable. The three lived a comfortable life, Lavy being taught by her knowledgeable adoptive mother and training Parcel…until her mother disappeared.

Goliath mom would always leave periodically for a couple of weeks at a time, perhaps a month at most, ever since Lavy was small. The last time she left, however, she didn’t return for well over a month, and not having gotten any word from her mother, no letter or anything, Lavy became concerned. As such, Lavy packed up and left with Parcel in search of her mother.
Despite living in a remote area, her only neighbors the local flora and fauna, Lavy is no stranger to adventure and travel. Her goliath mom would take her into town every now and again to get her acquainted with the Goliath’s surprisingly vast network of connections . As such, Lavy has gained a handful of friends like an old, cynical Orc shopkeeper. Although she has a friendly disposition, Lavy has few friends around her age and race, having been teased as a child for being not only half-elf but raised by a Goliath— a “freak” they said.


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